Wounded Warrior Project

Case Study
The Challenge

From the inception of Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) in 2004 through 2015

We created a fully integrated donor communications program for the organization, with the primary goal of developing a significant group of monthly donors (beginning in 2012). Previously, the organization did not have a DRTV or a monthly donor program, except for a few donors who self-selected into a sustainer gift through WWP’s website.

Strategy: Quickly build a substantial monthly sustainer program that would generate net income, ensure a quality donor experience, and enable WWP to assist wounded warriors.

  • Ensure a quality donor experience, including a named “club” and special treatment in other communications
  • Grow it fast, at a pace to ensure the mission to assist wounded warriors was fulfilled quickly
  • Use all channels with an emphasis on DRTV

Each channel effort—mail, digital, media, and DRTV—was built to ensure the integrity of the WWP brand, replicate the best practices and techniques of each channel from other nonprofit programs, and build the donor relationship.


In nearly six years, Moore acquired more than 589,000 monthly donors for WWP, who are generating more than $6 million per month today in a dependable, reliable stream of net income. Through DRTV, the breakeven on monthly donors is now just over seven months. In addition, the effects of more than 9.7 billion media impressions have increased one-time gifts on WWP’s website by 10 times, produced new major and bequest donors, and supported response rates in direct mail.